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The Hurrier I Go…



… the behinder I get.

In this video a man runs out onto the tarmac to catch his plane. As the saying goes, he was “a day late and a dollar short.” This was almost me.


I recently had the privilege of attending a conference in Vail, Colorado. I was amazed by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. In between workshops and meetings, I soaked up the late spring sunshine in the thin air of Vail. I discovered an amazing restaurant with the best gluten free crepes that I’ve ever had and ate deliciously prepared trout while soaking up the Vail ambiance at umbrella topped outdoor tables.

But eventually, all things come to an end and it is time to go home. My companion and I packed up our rental car and hopped on Interstate 70 towards Denver and the airport. The curvy steep roads were packed with outdoor enthusiasts who were traveling through the mountains to hike, golf, and raft. Semi-trucks filled the roads, riding their brakes down steep grades. An accident on the highway slowed traffic to 25 mph for a time. And the slower the car went, the faster our heart rates climbed. Google Maps updated our arrival time, creeping closer and closer to our flight’s departure time.

And so, I found myself acting out a scene from a B movie. We grabbed bags as we flung paperwork in the direction of the car rental employees and ran for the shuttle. The doors to the shuttle barely opened before we were sprinting across the Denver airport towards security. Thankfully we had been gifted with TSA PreCheck which had approximately 20 people in line compared to the HUNDREDS who were in the standard line.

Bags were scanned and then searched. A forgotten water bottle and can of cold brew were relinquished to the TSA agent and we were on the run again. Had we had a video camera, we could have remade the cult classic “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.”

We reached the concourse as the airline began announcing our names over the intercom. A final sprint and boarding pass scan then we slid down the jetway and finally land in our assigned seats as the flight attendants prepare for departure.

Our “Amazing Race” style marathon could have ended disastrously with a missed flight and subsequent missed connections. However, along the way we were blessed by the kindness of strangers.

Thank you to the Alaska Airlines representative who encouraged us to keep going.

Thank you to the elderly woman in a wheelchair in the TSA Precheck line who encouraged us to go ahead of her. I hope her visit with her daughter and grandchildren is all that she hopes it to be.

Thank you to the airport staff who gave us directions for the shortest route to our gate.

And most of all, thank you to my travelling companion who laughed riotously with me as we landed in our seats, Thelma and Louise style!

Oh, and next time I am in Vail, I will probably still stop to get one more crepe at Crespelle even if I have to run for my plane to make up for it!


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