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17 UFOs in ’17: Finishing What I Started

I’ve been following Nothing But Knit’s posts on her challenge to resolve 17 UFOs, unfinished objects not flying saucers, in 2017 and have felt inspired to jump on the bandwagon and begin checking things off of my list.

As a relatively new knitter, I am sure that I don’t have 17 unfinished knitting projects laying about.  However, there are endless numbers of projects that have been left unfinished due to time, frustration and sometimes, lack of motivation.

So, I jumped right in and decided that I should finish a small afghan that was in a project bag in the corner of the living room where it had been sitting for nearly two years. To both my pleasure and dismay, I discovered that i had exactly one row to complete the blanket.

And so UFO # 1 has now become a finished project. It doesn’t look that much different from the “before,” but it is done!